Why Jiraiya is So Much Powerful while Being So Much Perverted too ?

Jiraiya, also known as the “Pervy Sage,” is a powerful and skilled ninja from the anime and manga series “Naruto.” He is one of the legendary Sannin, and is known for his powerful techniques and mastery of the Toad Sage Mode.

Jiraiya’s perverted tendencies are a recurring theme throughout the series. He is often seen peeping on women and writing adult novels, which sometimes causes trouble for him and his comrades. However, despite his perverted nature, Jiraiya is also a powerful and skilled ninja.

One reason for Jiraiya’s power is his mastery of the Toad Sage Mode. This mode allows him to access the power of the toads, granting him increased strength, speed, and stamina. He also has a vast array of powerful techniques, such as the Rasengan and the Summoning: Toad Mouth Bind. He also known to be a great spy and an expert in information gathering.

Jiraiya’s perverted tendencies are also a source of comedy in the series, but they also serve a deeper purpose. In many ways, Jiraiya’s perversion represents his humanity and his flaws. Despite being a powerful ninja, he is still a human being with human desires and weaknesses. This makes him a relatable and realistic character, and helps to balance out his powerful abilities.

Additionally, Jiraiya’s perversion also serves as a form of character development. Throughout the series, Jiraiya learns to control his perversion and channel it into something positive. He is able to use his knowledge of women to better understand and relate to his students, which ultimately helps him to become a better teacher.

Jiraiya is a well-rounded and well-written character. His perversion may be off-putting to some, but it ultimately serves to make him a more relatable and realistic character. His powers and skills as a ninja also make him an interesting and entertaining character to watch. Jiraiya is a great example of a character who despite his weaknesses he was able to use them to better himself and be a positive role model for his students.

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